Personal Locator Beacon


Personal Locator Beacons save lives! If you are in the bush, on the back of a farm or anywhere without cellphone reception and you have an accident, no matter how minor, a PLB could be the difference between life or death. 

You would've seen it on the news, and we often see it first hand, searches for missing people taking days due to little information on their whereabouts and unfortunately ending with loss of life. Pushing a PLB would send your exact location to rescue services and you can have help in just a matter of hours. 



We are sent to multiple accidental beacon activations every single year. This is normally due to people throwing out their old PLBs in the rubbish or throwing it into the bush. Once a beacon is activated, which is very likely to happen if thrown into the rubbish, the Rescue Coordination Centre kicks into action and sends the local rescue helicopter to the scene of the activation to make sure everyone is okay. This costs thousands of dollars and takes up valuable emergency services who could be helping others so please ensure you dispose of your beacon responsibly. 

You can dispose of your beacon to your local police station to arrange appropriate disposal or alternatively you can send the unit to the RCCNZ at Level 1 Avalon Studios, 41 Percy Cameron Street, Wellington 5010. 

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