Our Services

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The Hawke's Bay Rescue Helicopter Pilots, Crew and Flight Team work together to deliver an advanced rescue helicopter service and clinical care to patients in Hawke's Bay, giving them the best possible chance for survival and recovery. 

Hospital Transfers

We provide hospital transfers to critically ill patients who need urgent care, between specialist hospitals in New Zealand.  

Search and Rescue

We are fully equipped with search and rescue technology, including GPS, Thermal Imaging and Night Vision goggles, which enable our crew to assist with search and rescue missions in Hawke's Bay.  

Emergency Response 

Our Helicopter Crew are dispatched to patients with serious injuries or medical emergencies caused by such incidents as traffic collisions, falls, or heart attacks and strokes.

Our Helicopter

Our aircraft is a BK117 B2 (Bolkov Kawasaki 117) twin engine rescue helicopter. It has all round versatility, speed and reliability for rescue helicopter work, and this  type of helicopter is used extensively in rescue helicopter operations around the world


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