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Below you will find a summary of our recent missions. Our life-saving services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are completely free of charge to everyone in Hawke's Bay. For more information about our work please contact the Fundraising Team on 06 878 1630 or email mfm@hbhrt.org.nz 


Horse Riding Accident

5 months ago - Monday 4th March
1200 Tasked to Castlepoint in southern Hawke’s Bay to a female horse rider aged in her 60’s who sustained a fracture to her leg after being kicked by a horse – she was flown directly to Wellington Hospital for further treatment.

Spinal Patient

5 months ago - Sunday 3rd March
1300 Tasked to Maraekakaho to a male patient who had fallen and sustained serious spinal injuries. The male patient was flown directly from the scene of the fall to the specialty Spinal Unit at Middlemore Hospital.

Hospital Transfer

5 months ago - Wednesday 27th February
1900 Flew to Wairoa with a flight team from HBDHB to retrieve a male patient, with a medical condition, to Hawke’s Bay Hospital for further treatment.

Car Accident

5 months ago - Monday 25th February
0800 Tasked to a motor vehicle accident (car vs truck) in Waipawa; we flew with an Intensive Care Paramedic to the scene of the incident. After the Paramedic stabilised the patient the decision was made, that in the best interests of the critically injured patient, that a road ambulance was the preferred mode of transport to Hawke’s Bay Hospital.

Forestry Block - Tolaga Bay

5 months ago - Wednesday 13th February
1500 Tasked to a forestry block inland from Tolaga Bay to winch extract a 60 year old male who suffered a medical event, he was subsequently transferred to Gisborne Hospital

Marine Parade - Missing Swimmer

5 months ago - Tuesday 12th February
1800 Tasked to Marine Parade in Napier to search for a missing swimmer, soon after we commenced the search the swimmer was rescued by Coast Guard

Two rescue missions

5 months ago - Sunday 10th February
• 1555 attended a motor vehicle accident at Te Pohue – all passengers in the vehicles were uninjured and did not require transport.
• 1900 transferred a 82 y.o. male patient, suffering from a stroke, from Hawkes Bay Hospital to Wellington hospital.

A very busy weekend for the crew

5 months ago - Saturday 9th February
• 1607 Transported a 66 year old Female with a cardiac condition from Wairoa to Hastings hospital.
• 1923 transported a 78 year old male with a cardiac condition from Hawke’s Bay Hospital to Wellington Hospital.
• 2143 on the return trip from Wellington, and with Hawke’s Bay based ICU doctors on board, attended a motor cycle accident in Masterton. The doctor provided initial medical assistance to an injured motorcyclist until the Life Flight Rescue Helicopter arrived to transport the injured motorcyclist to Wellington.

Forestry Block Accident

5 months ago - Friday 8th February
• 1130 Responded to forestry block near Te Pohue to a 45 year old forestry worker, who sustained an injury whilst assisting with machinery maintenance. He was transported to Hawke’s Bay Hospital for further treatment

Busy Tuesday for the team

6 months ago - Tuesday 5 February
• 0930 Responded to a farm house at Patoka, where a 14 month old child was choking. The Rescue Helicopter delivered an Intensive Care Paramedic from St John to the scene, who provided initial on-site treatment of the child and then determined that transport of the distressed child along with parents on a road ambulance was the most appropriate mode of transport to Hawke’s Bay Hospital
• 1115 Transported a male with back injuries from Wairoa Hospital to Hastings Hospital.

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