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HUET Training

The most dangerous rescues we do are over water so we need your help to ensure our crew are safe and return home. Whether it is rescuing a swimmer from the ocean, a person from a disintegrating yacht, or picking up someone who has had a medical emergency on a ship, our crew need to be fully trained and ready to provide our lifesaving services in all weathers and at all times.


In the unlikely event of the helicopter hitting the water, it would turn upside down, the water would fill the helicopter quickly and start to sink. The occupants are in the pitch black, disorientated, knowing that they must get out as soon as possible.


 Every two years, we must train our crew to ensure they know how to deal with these situations. They must know how to stay calm, get out and ensure everyone else does too. The HUET (Helicopter Underwater Emergency Training) course is a compulsory standard for all crew who operate over water. This trains them in escape procedures and survival at sea. It is an exercise where a simulator is lowered into a pool, and inverted so the crew inside must be able to find their way out in under one minute.


We have 15 crew comprising of paramedics, crew members and pilots who are due for this refresher training soon. It will cost $18,000 to send our crew up to Auckland to make sure they are appropriately trained. Auckland has the closest approved training facility. This course is vital to ensure our crew go home safely to their families and friends after every rescue, no matter where it is.


Would you consider making a donation today to help fund this and other training that our crew need to do? A generous donation of $1200 could cover the cost of one member going to Auckland to have this vital training done.


Please donate today. No matter how big or small a donation is, every little bit helps!


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