Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter urgently needs support from Wairoa Residents

Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter urgently needs support from Wairoa Residents

The Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter has completed one of its busiest years, completing a huge 121 missions to Wairoa alone in 2016.  Overall the rescue crew completed 326 Rescue missions across Hawke’s Bay last year, and missions to and from Wairoa was around 40% of that total.

Charlie Beetham, Chief Pilot said “The crew and I had a very busy  year in 2016 overall but our flying hours to Wairoa have seen an increase from previous years.  The majority of our missions were urgent medical emergencies from Wairoa hospital, but also included Search and Rescue missions and emergency response to accidents in the region.”

He added ‘We also saw an increase in the number of flying hours last year with the crew flying for 352 hours in total, which is up nearly 20 hours more from the previous year.

These stats show the urgent need for the Rescue Helicopter covering the Wairoa region, and the reality is that in order to continue to provide this service well into the future –  we need the community to support us financially.

We are asking individuals, businesses and groups and organizations to look at making a donation and becoming a Friend of the Rescue Helicopter in order to help us to continue to provide this lifesaving service to the people of Wairoa. “

Laura Hyde, Marketing and Fundraising Manager said, “Unlike some other Emergency Services, the Rescue Helicopter is a registered charity and needs to raise around $1.3 million each year to remain operational. While we receive fees for service from the DHB, ACC, and Ministry of Health etc, this only accounts for around 50% of the overall running costs of the charity, which means that the trust relies on the support from the community to keep running its services”

“We are so grateful for the 197 regular supporters that we have in the Wairoa region, but the reality is that we need more people to dig deep and support us. We need you today, because you may need us tomorrow” 

Becoming a Friend of the Hawke’s Bay Rescue Helicopter Trusts starts with a donation of $50 a year, which is just $1 a week, and all Friends receive an annual supporters pack, bi-annual newsletter, and thank you from the crew. Alternatively, donations can be made online

Laura added, “We really do need your support in 2017, so anyone interested in joining us as a Friend can call me on 022 087 1943 or email me at mfm@hbhrt.org.nz


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