Westmount School Students Raise $2,000

A fantastic fundraising effort from the school's Market Day

Westmount School Students Raise $2,000

The students of Westmount School, Hawkes Bay Campus, held their annual Market Day in Term 3, and once again the profits from this day went to charity.  The students were pleased to donate a fantastic $2000 to the Lowe Walker Rescue Helicopter, in support of this worthy cause. 

To run a free, 24/7, emergency rescue service to the Hawke's Bay region, costs $2.3 million each year, and so the charity relies on community donations to keep the service running. Charlie Beetham, Chief Pilot of the Rescue Helicopter, said that ‘donations like this go along way towards making it all happen’. 

David Smith, at Westmount School said 'This is a service we could not do without in our community, and Westmount School Hawkes Bay does all it can to support it'


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