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First Mission in the yellow Rescue Helicopter

On Saturday the 8th of December Marg and Tom Dalton were enjoying their garden as they often do. Marg looking after her flower bed and Tom down in his vegetable garden.

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Tragic accident leaves Hawke's Bay rural community in shock

Little did they know that by the end of the day they would havebeen pivotal in the rescue of critically injured patients from oneof the worst aviation accidents that Hawke's...

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High School students raise $3,000 for the Rescue Helicopter

Rescue Enterprises have raised an outstanding $3,000 for the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service.

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HUET Training

The most dangerous rescues we do are over water so we need your help to ensure our crew are safe and return home.

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Westpac Chopper Appeal raises $30k for the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter

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